# English name Family
AKP Justice and Development Party con
ANAP Motherland Party con
BDP Peace and Democracy Party com
BBP Great Union Party right
CHP Republican Peoples Party soc
DTuP Democratic Turkey Party con
DEP Democracy Party com
DP Democratic Party con
DEHAP Democratic People's Party com
DSP Democratic Left Party soc
DTP Democratic Society Party com
DYP Right Path Party con
FP Virtue Party spec
GP Young Party right
HP Populist Party soc
HADEP People's Democracy Party com
HEP People's Labor Party com
HDP Peoples' Democratic Party com
IYI Iyi Party right
MCP Nationalist Workers Party right
MDP Nationalist Democratic Party right
MHP National Action Party right
RP Welfare (Virtue) Party spec
RP Welfare Party spec
SP Felicity Party con
SHP Social Democratic Populist Party soc
SHP | CHP Social Democratic Populist Party | Republican People's Party soc
YTP New Turkey Party soc
none no party affiliation none
no - seat no seat none