External data for Sweden

Parties in Huber and Inglehart (1995)

ID Name English name ParlGov parties
3701 V Vansterpartiet Left Party V
3702 SdAP Socialdemokraterna Social Democrat SAP
3703 MP Miljopartiet de Grona Green Ecology Party MP
3704 FP Folkpartiet Liberalerna Liberal Party FP
3705 C Centerpartiet Center Party C
3706 KDS Kristdemokratiska Samhallspartiet Christian Democrat KD
3707 MSP Moderata Samlingspartiet Conservative Party M
3708 NYD Ny Demokrati New Democracy NyD


Huber, John, and Roland Inglehart. 1995. “Expert Interpretations of Party Space and Party Locations in 42 Societies.” Party Politics 1(1):73–111.