External data for Sweden

Parties in Chapel Hill expert survey series

ID Name English name ParlGov parties
1601 V Vänsterpartiet Left Party V
1602 SAP Arbetarpartiet- Socialdemokraterna Worker's Party-Social Democrats SAP
1603 C Centerpartiet Center Party C
1604 FP Folkpartiet liberalerna Liberal People's Party FP
1605 M Moderaterna Moderate Party M
1606 KD Kristdemokraterna Christian-Democrats KD
1607 MP Miljoepartiet de Groena Environmental Party the Greens MP
1608 NyD Ny Demokrati New Democracy NyD
1609 JL Junilistan June List Jl
1610 SD Sverigedemokraterna Sweden Deomcrats SD
1611 PIRAT Piratpartiet Pirate Party Pi


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