# English name Family
PSS Slovenian Pirate Party spec
AS Active Slovenia lib
DEMOS Democratic Opposition of Slovenia spec
DeSUS Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia spec
DS Democratic Party soc
DSS Democratic Party of Slovenia soc
DD Good Country soc
DOM Homeland League right
DZL Civic Green List eco
DL Civic List lib
DlGV Gregor Virant's Civic List lib
GZS Voice of Slovenian women spec
IDS Initiative for Democratic Socialism com
Ita Italian national community spec
KS Christian Socialists chr
L The Left com
LDS Liberal Democracy of Slovenia lib
LDSS Liberal Democratic Party of Slovenia lib
LMS List of Marjan Sarec soc
LZJ - PS Zoran Jankovic's List -- Positive Slovenia soc
Mad Hungarian national community spec
NDS National Democratic Party con
NSI New Slovenia -- Christian People's Party chr
Pose Let's Unite eco
PS Positive Slovenia soc
SS Dream Job eco
SO Slovenia is Ours spec
SDZ Slovenian Democratic Union lib
SDS Slovenian Democratic Party chr
SKZ Slovenian Peasant Union chr
SLS Slovenian People's Party chr
SNS Slovenian National Party code
SOS Slovenian Liberal Party lib
SOPS Slovenian Craftsmen and Entreprenerial Party lib
SF Slovenian Forum code
SKD Slovenian Christian Democrats chr
SDP Social Democratic Renewal soc
SDS Social Democratic Party of Slovenia chr
SDZS Social Democratic Union of Slovenia chr
SSS Socialist Party of Slovenia com
SD Social Democrats soc
S Solidarity soc
SAB Party of Alenka Bratusek soc
SDP Party of Democratic Renewal soc
LIPA Party Lime Tree right
SMC Party of Miro Cerar soc
SMS Youth Party of Slovenia eco
SMC Modern Center Party soc
SN Party of Independence code
TRS Party for Sustainable Development of Slovenia soc
V I Believe soc
Zares For Real soc
Zares Zares -- New politics soc
Zares Zares -- Social Liberals soc
ZaAB Alliance of Alenka Bratusek soc
ZdLe United Left com
ZL - SD United List -- Social Democrats soc
ZLSD United List Social Democrats soc
ZS Greens of Slovenia eco
ZKS League of Communists of Slovenia soc
ZEO League for Citizens' Equality soc
I - JK Independent -- Jelko Kacin none
none no party affiliation none
etc others none
todo to be coded none