Parties (seats)

English name Family
ANO Alliance of the New Citizen lib
DS Democratic Party chr
DUS Democratic Union lib
HZDS Movement for a Democratic Slovakia con
KSS Communist Party of Slovakia com
KDH Christian Democratic Movement chr
LsNS People's Party Our Slovakia right
MK Hungarian Coalition con
MOS Hungarian Civic Party lib
MKDM Hungarian Christian Democratic Movement chr
MH Most-Hid con
OKS Civic Conservative Party con
OLaNO Ordinary People and Independent con
S Network con
SaS Freedom and Solidarity lib
SDKU - DS Slovak Democratic and Christian Union -- Democratic Party chr
SDK Slovak Democratic Coalition chr
SNS Slovak National Party right
SR We are family -- Boris Kollar right
Smer Direction -- Social Democracy soc
SV Common Choice com
S - E Coexistence con
SDL Party of the Democratic Left com
SOP Party of Civic Understanding soc
SZS Green Party eco
VPN Public against Violence lib
ZRS Association of Workers of Slovakia com