# English name Family
USR - PLUS 2020 USR-PLUS Alliance lib
ALDE Alliance of Liberals and Democrats lib
ApR Alliance for Romania soc
AUR Alliance for the Unity of Romanians right
CDR Romanian Democratic Convention chr
FC Civic Force chr
FDSN Democratic National Salvation Front soc
FSN National Salvation Front lib
GDC Democratic Group of the Centre code
MER Romanian Ecological Movement eco
PaRo Party of the Roma soc
PAC Party of the Civic Alliance lib
PAR Alternative Party of Romania con
PC Conservative Party con
PD Democratic Party lib
PDAR Democratic Agrarian Party of Romania agr
PD - L Democratic Liberal Party lib
PDSR Party of Social Democracy in Romania soc
PER Romanian Ecologist Party eco
PIN National Initiative Party con
PL / DC Liberal Party / Democratic Convention lib
PLD Liberal Democratic Party lib
LRP Liberal Reformist Party lib
PLUS Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity lib
PMP People's Movement Party chr
PNL National Liberal Party lib
PNL - CD National Liberal Party -- Democratic Convention con
PNL - C National Liberal Party Campeanu lib
PNT - CD Christian-Democratic National Peasants' Party chr
PNG - CD New Generation Party -- Christian Democratic chr
PPR Party of Pensioners of Romania spec
PP - DD People's Party -- Dan Diaconescu com
PaRe Republican Party code
PRM Greater Romania Party right
PRU United Romania Party right
PSD Social Democratic Party soc
PSDR Romanian Social Democratic Party soc
PS Socialist Party com
PSM Socialist Party of Labour com
PSoDR Romanian Socialist Democratic Party com
PSMR Romanian Socialist Party of Workers com
PUR Romanian Humanist Party con
PUNR Romanian National Unity Party right
PROR PRO Romania lib
UDMR Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania con
UNPR National Union for the Progress of Romania soc
USR Save Romania Union lib
I - GNS Independent -- George-Nicolae Simion none
I - GCT Independent -- Gregoriana Carmen Tudoran none
I - PC Independent -- Peter Costea none
I - MD Independent -- Mircea Diaconu none
etnice Romanian ethnic minorities parties none
none no party affiliation none
one - seat one seat none
todo to be coded none