External data for Romania

Parties in Chapel Hill expert survey series

ID Name English name ParlGov parties
2701 PSD Partidul Social Democrat Social Democratic Party PSD
2702 PUR; PC Partidul Umanist din Romania; Partidul Conservator Romanian Humanist Party; Conservative Party PC
2703 PRM Partidul România Mare Party of Great Romania PRM
2704 PD Partidul Democrat Democratic Party PDPD-L
2705 PNL Partidul Naţional Liberal National Liberal Party PLDPNL
2706 UDMR Uniunea Democrată Maghiară din România Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania UDMR
2707 CDR 2000 Convenţia Democrată Română Romanian Democratic Convention 2000 CDR
2708 FDGR Forumul Democrat al Germanilor din România Democratic Forum of Germans of Romania


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External data    http://www.unc.edu/~gwmarks/data_pp.php