# English name Family
NC We, the Citizens! lib
A Alliance lib
AD Democratic Alliance lib
APU United People Alliance com
ASDI Independent Social Democrats soc
BE Bloc of the Left com
CDS Democratic and Social Centre chr
CDS - PP Democratic and Social Centre -- People's Party chr
CH Enough right
CDU Unified Democratic Coalition com
PCTP / MRPP Communist Party of the Portuguese Workers / Reorganizative Movement of the Party of the Proletariat com
FSP People's Socialist Front com
IL Liberal Initiative lib
ID Democratic Intervention soc
L Livre soc
MES Movement of Socialist Left com
MDP Democratic Movement soc
MEP Hope for Portugal Movement lib
PCP Portuguese Communist Party com
PDC Christian Democratic Party chr
PSN National Solidarity Party spec
MPT Earth Party eco
PDR Republican Democratic Party con
PEV Ecology Party -- Greens eco
POUS Workers Party of Socialist Unity com
PAN Party for Animals and Nature eco
PPD Popular Democratic Party lib
PPM Popular Monarchist Party con
PRD Democratic Renewal Party soc
PSD Social Democratic Party lib
PS Socialist Party soc
PSR Revolutionary Socialist Party com
Ref Reformists com
UEDS Leftwing Union for the Socialist Democracy soc
UDP Popular Democratic Union com
todo to be coded none
none no party affiliation none
one - seat one seat none