External data for Portugal

Parties in Ray (1999)

ID Name English name ParlGov parties
1201 CDU Coligaco Democratica Unitaria Unified Democratic Coalition CDU
1202 CDS Centre Social Democrats Social Democratic Center CDS-PP
1203 PPM Partido Popular Monarquico Popular Monarchist Party PPM
1204 PRD Partido Renovador Democratico Democratic Renewal Party PRD
1205 PS Partido Socialista Portugesa Socialist Party PS
1206 PSD Partido Social Democrata Social Democratic Party PSD
1207 PSN Partido Solidariedade Nacional National Solidarity Party PSN
1208 PSR Partido Socialista Revolucionario Revolutionary Socialist Party PSR
1209 PCTP Partido Comunista Communist Party PCP
1210 PDC Partido Democracia Cristao Christian Democratic Party PDC
1211 UDP Uniao Democratico Popolar Popular Democratic Union UDP
1212 MDP Moviements Democratico Portuges Democratic Movement MDP
1213 VERDES Os Verdes The Greens PEV


Ray, Leonard. 1999. “Measuring party orientations towards European integration: Results from an expert survey.” European Journal of Political Research 36(2):283–306.

External data    http://www.lsu.edu/faculty/lray2/data/data.html