Parties (seats)

English name Family
AWS Solidarity Electoral Action chr
BBWR Non-Party Block for Supporting the Reforms chr
ChD Christian Democracy chr
D | W | U Democratic | Freedom | Union lib
KPN Confederation for Independent Poland right
KLD Liberal Democratic Congress lib
K Kukiz'15 right
LPR League of Polish Families con
MN German minority spec
N Modern lib
PCD Party of Christian Democrats chr
X Party X right
PO Civic Platform con
PZPR Polish United Workers' Party com
PPG Polish Economic Program [Large Beer] lib
PZZ Polish Western Union com
PSL Polish People's Party agr
PL Peasants Agreement agr
PC Centre Agreement chr
PiS Law and Justice con
RAS Movement for Silesian Autonomy spec
ROP Movement for the Reconstruction of Poland con
SRP Self-Defense of the Republic Poland agr
SDPL Social Democracy of Poland soc
SLD Democratic Left Alliance soc
S Solidarnosc soc
SoPr Labour Solidarity soc
SD Democratic Party com
RP Your (Palikot's) Movement lib
UPR | KNP Real Politics Union | Congress of the New Right con
UP Labour Union soc
ZChN Christian National Union con
ZSL United People's Party agr
none no party affiliation none
one - seat one seat none