External data for Poland

Parties in Benoit and Laver (2006)

ID English name ParlGov parties
3102 SLD Alliance of Democratic Left LiDSLD
2980 PO Citizens' Platform PO
3180 UW Freedom Union D|W|U
3128 UP Labour Union UP
3032 PiS Law and Justice PiS
2954 LPR League of Polish Families LPR
3058 ROP Movement for the Reconstruction of Poland ROP
3006 PSL Polish Peasant Party PSL
3076 S Self Defence of the Polish Republic SRP
2928 AWS Solidarity Election Action AWS
3154 UPR Union for Real Politics UPR|KNP
3206 ZKPP ZKP/Proletartiat/KPP/PSPR combined


Benoit, Kenneth, and Michael Laver. 2006. Party policy in modern democracies. Routledge.

External data    http://www.politics.tcd.ie/ppmd/