Kaczynski 2006

# Seats Share L-R
PiS 155 33.7 PM 7.7
SRP 1 56 12.2 4.0
LPR 34 7.4 8.9
1 Self-Defense of the Republic Poland (SRP) withdrew temporarily from the coalition after PM Kaczyński dismissed deputy prime minister and SRP party leader Andrzej Lepper on 22 September 2006. Lepper was re-appointed on 16 October and the coalition continued.
PM Kaczyński dismissed Lepper again on 9 July 2007 following corruption allegations. Lepper threatened to withdraw the SRP from government but the party decided to remain in government. On 8 August, the interior minister Janusz Kaczmarek was fired and the coalition ended shortly after.
Cabinet was appointed on 14 July 2006 and won an investiture vote (yes: 240, no: 205) on 19 July.
Coalition ended on 13 August 2007 when PM Kaczyński dismissed all Self-Defense (SRP) and League of Polish Families (LPR) ministers and called for early election. The cabinet resigned on 5 November following defeat in the election.
14 Jul 2006 — Election: 25 Sep 2005
Seats – type
245 (460) – minimum winning
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