External data for New Zealand

Parties in Budge ea. (2001) and Klingemann ea. (2006)

ID Name English name ParlGov parties
64110 Green Party of Aotearoa Green Party of Aotearoa Greens
64320 LP Labour Party Labour Party LP
64321 Alliance Alliance A
64421 United Future United Future UFNZUNZ
64422 Jim Anderton’s Progressive Coalition Jim Anderton’s Progressive Coalition PP
64620 NP National Party National Party NP
64621 NZFP New Zealand First Party New Zealand First Party NZFP
64951 Social Credit/Democratic Party Social Credit/Democratic Party MPSC|DP


Budge, Ian, Hans-Dieter Klingemann, Andrea Volkens, Judith Bara, and Eric Tanenbaum. 2001. Mapping Policy Preferences: Estimates for Parties, Electors, and Governments 1945-1998. Oxford: Oxford University Press.; Klingemann, Hans-Dieter, Andrea Volkens, Judith Bara, Ian Budge, and Michael McDonald. 2006. Mapping Policy Preferences II: Estimates for Parties, Electors, and Governments in Eastern Europe, European Union, and OECD 1990-2003. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

External data    http://www.wzb.eu/en/research/civil-society-conflicts-and-democracy/democracy/projects/the-manifesto-project