# English name Family
ALP Anders Lange's Party right
AD Labour Democrats com
AD | DRF Labour Democrats | Radical People's Party com
A Teetotaler Party spec
Bp Farmer's Party agr
DFNA United Norwegian Workers' Association com
DLF Liberal People's Party lib
DNA Norwegian Labour Party soc
DNF New People's Party lib
DRF Radical People's Party com
FeBo Electoral lists Conservatives con
Fr Progress Party right
FV Liberal Left Party lib
Hf Resistance Movement spec
H Conservative Party con
KrF Christian Democratic Party chr
Kp Coastal Party con
MDG Green Party eco
MV Moderate Liberal Party lib
NS National Gathering right
NKP Communist Party of Norway com
NSA Social Democratic Labour Party of Norway soc
NL Agrarian Association agr
P Pensioners Party spec
RV Red Electoral Alliance com
R Red com
Soc Society Party chr
Sp Centre Party agr
SF Socialist People's Party com
SV Socialist Electoral League com
SV Socialist Left Party com
V Liberal Party of Norway lib
none no party affiliation none
no - seat no seat none
one - seat one seat none
etc others none