Parties (seats)

English name Family
50 + 50PLUS lib
AOV | VSP General Senior Union | United Seniors Party spec
ARP Anti-Revolutionary Party chr
DENK Think lib
Bp Farmers Party agr
BVL League of Free Liberals lib
CD Centre Democrats right
CP Centre Party right
CDU Christian Democratic Union chr
CHU Christian Historical Union chr
CDA Christian Democratic Appeal chr
CU ChristianUnion chr
CPN Communist Party of the Netherlands com
D66 Democrats 66 lib
DS70 Democratic Socialists 70 con
EB Economic League lib
EuTr Europe Transparent spec
FvD Forum for Democracy con
GPV Reformed Political League con
GL GreenLeft eco
HGS New Reformed State Party chr
KNP Catholic National Party chr
KVP Catholic Peoples Party chr
LN Livable Netherlands right
LSP Liberal State Party "The Freedom League" lib
LU Liberal Union lib
LPF Fortuyn List right
MP Middle Party con
MPSL Middle Party for City and Country lib
NSB National Socialist Movement in the Netherlands right
PSP Pacifist Socialist Party com
PvdA Labour Party soc
PvdD Party for the Animals spec
PVV Party for Freedom right
PB | NBTM Plattelandersbond | National Farmers', Horticulturists' and Middle Class Party agr
PPR Radical Political Party eco
RPF Reformatory Political Federation chr
RSP Revolutionary Socialist Party com
RKP Roman Catholic Party chr
RKVP Roman Catholic People's Party chr
SDAP Social Democratic Workers' Party soc
SP Socialist Party com
SGP Political Reformed Party con
S + G + R Reformatory Political Federation / Reformed Political League / Political Reformed Party con
VVD People's Party for Freedom and Democracy lib
VDB Free-thinking Democratic League lib
one - seat one seat none