External data for Netherlands

Parties in EES (2009)

ID Name English name ParlGov parties
1528320 PvdA Labour Party PvdA
1528521 CDA Christian Democratic Appeal CDA
1528420 VVD Peoples Party for Freedom and Democracy VVD
1528330 D66 Democrats 66 D66
1528110 Groen Links Green Left GL
1528006 Partij voor de Dieren (PvdD) Party for Animals PvdD
1528526 ChristenUnie Christian Union CU
1528527 SGP Reformed Political Party SGP
1528220 SP Socialist Party SP
1528600 PVV (Wilders) Party for Freedom PVV
1528726 Trots op Nederland TON (Verdonk) Proud of the Netherlands


European Parliament Election Study 2009, Voter Study, Advance Release, 30/06/2010.

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