# English name Family
LAAT Latvian Development lib
LKS Latvian Russian Union soc
DCP Democratic Centre Party lib
DPS Democratic Party Saimnieks lib
JKP New Conservative Party con
JP New Era Party con
JL New Era con
JD New Democrats con
KPV - LV Who owns the state? right
K Conservative Party con
KDS Christian Democratic Union chr
LG Light of Latgale spec
LZ Union of Latvian Farmers agr
LC Latvian Way lib
LKP Communist Party of Latvia com
LKPP Latvias Party of Russian Citizens spec
LNNK Latvian National Independence Movement right
LPP Latvia's First Party con
LPP / LC Latvian First Party / Latvian Way Party con
LRa Latvian Association of Regions con
LSDSP Latvian Social Democratic Workers' Party soc
LSP Socialist Party of Latvia com
LTF Popular Front of Latvia spec
LVP Latvian Unity Party com
LZP Latvian Green Party eco
LZS Farmers Union of Latvia agr
Lib con
L Equal Rights soc
MPA - LNP Political Association of the Underprivileged and Latvian Independence Party code
NA / TB / LNNK National Alliance / For Fatherland and Freedom / LNNK right
NA National Alliance All For Latvia -- For Fatherland and Freedom / LNNK right
NsL For Latvia from the Heart con
PCTVL For Human Rights in a United Latvia soc
PLL For a Good Latvia con
PS Civic Union con
PPA Political Party "Alternative" soc
P The Progressive soc
RP Reform Party con
SCP Society for Other Politics lib
SL - AT Harmony for Latvia -- Rebirth of the Economy lib
S Harmony soc
SC Harmony Centre soc
SDLP Social Democratic Welfare Party soc
SDP Social Democratic Party soc
SDPS Social Democratic Party "Harmony" soc
TKL - ZP People's Movement for Latvia -- Siegerist Party right
TP People's Party con
TSP National Harmony Party lib
TPA Political Union of Economists lib
TB For Fatherland and Freedom right
TB / LNNK For Fatherland and Freedom / LNNK right
ViLa United for Latvia lib
V Unity con
VL All For Latvia! con
ZZS Green and Farmers' Union agr
ZRP Zatlers' Reform Party con
none no party affiliation none
todo to be coded none