# English name Family
AR Action Committee Pensions con
AR | ADR Action Committee Pensions | Alternative Democratic Reform Party con
ADR Alternative Democratic Reform Party con
AL Alternative List eco
BMP Party of Farmers and the Middle Class agr
Bl Citizens' List spec
CSV Christian Social People's Party chr
Greng The Greens eco
DL The Left com
DeLe Democratic List lib
DP Democratic Party lib
PDPN Progressive Democratic Party of the North lib
FV Independent People's Party code
RP Radical Left / Radical Party lib
GLA Green and Liberal Alliance eco
GAP Green Alternative eco
GLEI Green Left Ecological Initiative eco
GD Democratic Group lib
GLS Group for Luxembourgian Sovereignty spec
GPD Patriotic and Democratic Group lib
SI Jean Gremling List -- Independent Socialists soc
KPL Communist Party of Luxembourg com
LiLe Left Liberals lib
LSAP Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party soc
LL Liberal League lib
MIP Popular Independent Movement spec
NB National Movement right
O Independents right
ONV National Independent Union right
ONP Independent National Party right
OP Independent Party right
OR Independent Party of the Right agr
PID Party for Full Democracy con
PNS National Solidarity spec
PICM Independent Party of the Middle Class lib
PL Liberal Party lib
Pi Pirate Party Luxembourg spec
RPMC Radical Party (Marcel Cahen) lib
PRL Radical Liberal Party lib
RSP Radical Socialist Party lib
PD Party of the Right con
SDP Social Democratic Party soc
SP Socialist Party soc
NU National Union right
VL Volt Luxembourg spec
Z - EF Coerced Conscripts spec
PBMA Free List of Peasants, Middle Classes and Workers none
PIE Independents of the East none
none no party affiliation none
no - seat no seat none
one - seat one seat none