Parties (seats)

English name Family
DP Labour Party lib
DK The Way of Courage spec
JL Young Lithuania right
KDS Christian Democratic Union chr
KKSS Christian Conservative Social Union chr
LiCS Liberal and Centre Union lib
LTS Lithuanian National Union List right
LCP Lithuanian Centre Party right
LCS Centre Union of Lithuania lib
LDDP Democratic Labour Party of Lithuania soc
LDP Lithuanian Democratic Party lib
LKP Communist Party of Lithuania com
TSKP Lithuanian Communist Party on the CPSU Platform com
LKDP Lithuanian Christian Democrats chr
LLaS Lithuanian Liberty Union right
LLRA Election Action of Lithuania's Poles spec
LLiS Liberal Union of Lithuania lib
LMP - NDP Lithuanian Womens Party -- New Democratic Party soc
LPKTS Union of Lithuanian Political Prisoners and Deportees spec
LRLS Liberals Movement of the Republic of Lithuania lib
LRS Lithuanian Russian Union spec
LSDP Lithuanian Social Democratic Party soc
LSDP - 89 Lithuanian Social Democratic Party -- 1989 soc
LVLS Lithuanian Peasant Union agr
LVP Lithuanian Peasant Party agr
LZP Lithuanian Green Party eco
NS New Union (Social Liberals) lib
TPP National Resurrection Party lib
TS - LK Homeland Union con
TT - LDP Order and Justice -- Liberal Democratic Party con
none no party affiliation none
one - seat one seat none