External data for Lithuania

Parties in Huber and Inglehart (1995)

ID Name English name ParlGov parties
2401 LDLP Lietuvos Demokratine Darbo Partija Democratic Labor Party LDDP
2402 LSDP Lietuvos Socialdemokratu Partija Social Democratic Party LSDP-89
2403 LCM Lietuvos Centras Sajudis Center Movement LCS
2404 LCDP Lietuvos Krikscioniu Demokratu Partija Christian Democratic Party LKDP
2405 LLU Liberalu Sajunga Liberal Union LLiS
2406 LC Tevynes Sajunga Lithuanian Conservatives TS-LK
2407 LDP Demokratu Partija Democratic Party LDP


Huber, John, and Roland Inglehart. 1995. “Expert Interpretations of Party Space and Party Locations in 42 Societies.” Party Politics 1(1):73–111.