External data for Lithuania

Parties in Benoit and Laver (2006)

ID English name ParlGov parties
2404 TS Homeland Union (Conservatives, Christian Democrats, Freedom Fighters) TS-LK
2236 LDP Liberal Democratic Party TT-LDP
2264 LKD Lithuanian Christian Democrats LKDP
2320 LSDP Lithuanian Social Democratic Party LSDP
2376 NS/SL New Union- Social Liberals NS
2348 LiCS Union of Liberals and Center LiCSLRLS
2292 LKDS Union of Lithuanian Christian Democrats KKSS
2432 VNDPS Union of Peasant and New Democracy Parties LVLS


Benoit, Kenneth, and Michael Laver. 2006. Party policy in modern democracies. Routledge.

External data    http://www.politics.tcd.ie/ppmd/