Parties (seats)

English name Family
NCP New Conservative Party con
PFG Party for Future Generations right
LDP Liberal Democratic Party con
LL Liberal League lib
LP Liberal Party con
PH Party of Hope con
NCoP National Cooperative Party lib
PLFP People's Life First Party con
PNP People's New Party con
K Komeito Party con
CoP Cooperative Party soc
DRP Democratic Reform Party soc
YP Your Party lib
DSP Democratic Socialist Party soc
DPJ Democratic Party of Japan con
DP Democratic Party con
JLP Japan Liberal Party con
LP ( H ) Liberal Party (Hatoyama) con
JCP Japan Communist Party com
JDP Japan Democratic Party con
JSP Japan Socialist Party soc
JNP Japan New Party lib
JReP Japan Restoration Party con
KDP Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan soc
LFP Labour Farmer Party com
LWSP Left Wing Socialist Party com
SDF Socialist Democratic Federation soc
NLC New Liberal Club con
JRP Japan Renewal Party con
NFP New Frontier Party con
NPD New Party Daichi lib
NPN New Party Nippon lib
NPS New Party Sakigake con
RWSP Right Wing Socialist Party soc
SRP Social Reform Party com
IC Independent's Club none
none no party affiliation none
one - seat one seat none
etc others none