# English name Family
FI Go Italy con
+ EU More Europe lib
AP Alliance of Progressives soc
AD Democratic Alliance chr
AN National Alliance con
AP - UD Popular Alliance -- UDEUR chr
PA Popular Alternative con
ASM Social Alternative Mussolini right
AIE Associative Italians Abroad spec
AISA Italian Associations in Latin America spec
ALD Autonomy Liberty Democracy lib
CdL Freedom House con
CCD Christian Democratic Centre chr
CCD + CDU Christian Democratic Centre / United Christian Democrats chr
CD Democratic Centre lib
CeD Centre Right con
CeS Centre Left soc
CCD Centre-right Coalition con
CDR Republican Democratic Concentration lib
CDU United Christian Democrats chr
CS Social Christians chr
DS Democrats of the Left soc
DC Christian Democrats chr
DCA Christian Democracy for the Autonomies chr
DL - M Democracy is Freedom -- The Daisy lib
DE European Democracy chr
DP Proletarian Democracy com
Fed Federalism spec
Fed Federalism spec
FdV Federation of the Greens eco
FdLV Green Lists eco
FiD Stop the Decline lib
MSFT Fiamma Tricolore right
FI Go Italy con
FI - PdL Go Italy -- The People of Freedom con
FdI - CN Brothers of Italy -- National Centre-right con
FUQ Front of the Ordinary Man con
FLI Future and Freedom for Italy con
ID Democracy chr
PdL The People of Freedom con
PdL The People of Freedom con
IBC Italy Common Good soc
IdV Italy of Values lib
IV Italy Alive lib
Ulivo Olive Tree soc
Unione The Union soc
LUP The Union-Prodi soc
LAM Southern Action League right
LL - AN Lombard League -- North Alliance right
LN North League right
LN North League for the Independence of Padania right
LD Liberal Democrats lib
LeU Free and Equal com
LL Lombard League spec
LV Venetian League spec
Bon Bonino List soc
DINI - RI Dini List -- Italian Renewal soc
Pan Panella List soc
LT List for Trieste soc
Pan Panella List soc
MAIE Associative Movement Italians Abroad spec
MIS Movement for the Independence of Sicily spec
MpA Movement for Autonomy chr
Rete Movement for Democracy -- The Net chr
MRC Communist Refoundation Movement com
MpA Movement for Autonomies chr
MRE European Republicans Movement lib
MSFT Tricolor Flame Social Movement right
MSI Italian Social Movement right
MSI - DN Italian Social Movement--Right National right
NcI - UDC Us with Italy-Union of the Centre chr
NCD New Centre-Right con
NCD New Centre-Right | Popular Alternative con
NPSI New PSI soc
PAg Agrarian Party agr
PCd ' I Party of the Italian Communists com
PCI Communist Party com
PCI Italian Communist Party com
PAz Action Party com
PdCI Party of the Italian Communists com
PaCoI Agrarian Party agr
PRC Communist Refoundation Party com
PD Democratic Party soc
PD + IdV Democratic Party / Italy of Values soc
PDS Democratic Party of the Left soc
PDIUM Italian Democratic Party of Monarchist Unity con
PdUP Proletarian Unity Party com
PLI Italian Liberal Party lib
PMP Popular Monarchist Party con
PNM Monarchist National Party right
PNP National Pensioners' Party spec
PP Pensioners' Party spec
PPI Italian People's Party chr
PR Radical Party soc
PRT Transnational Radical Party soc
PRI Republican Party lib
PSA Sardinian Action Party soc
PS Socialist Party soc
PSDI Italian Democratic Socialist Party soc
PSIUP Socialist Party of Proletarian Unity com
PSI Italian Socialist Party soc
PSI - 09 Italian Socialist Party -- 2009 soc
PSLI Socialist Party of Italian Workers soc
PSUf Unified Socialist Party soc
PSU United Socialist Party soc
P | SDI Italian Democratic Socialists | Party soc
PS Segni Pact chr
PdL Freedom Pole con
PLD Liberal Democratic Pole lib
PPL Freedom Pole con
PpP Popular Party for Prodi chr
PoUD UDEUR Populars chr
R Radicals soc
RI Italian Radicals soc
SC Civic Choice lib
S Left com
SeL Left and Freedom com
SEL Left Ecology Freedom com
SDI Italian Democratic Socialists soc
SI Italian Socialists soc
SVP South Tyrol Peoples Party spec
UV Valdotanian Union spec
UC Union / Centre chr
UDC Union of Christian and Centre Democrats chr
UDR Union of republican democrats chr
UD Democratic Union lib
UdCe Democratic Union of the Centre lib
UDEUR Union of Democrats for Europe chr
UdC Union of the Centre chr
USEI South American Union Italian Emigrants con
VA Rainbow Greens eco
M5S Five Star Movement none
PC Prime minister none
etc others none
no - seat no seat none
one - seat one seat none
none no party affiliation none
todo to be coded none