External data for Italy

Parties in Castles and Mair (1984)

ID Name English name ParlGov parties
1001 DP Democrazia Proletaria DP
1002 PdUP Partito di Unita Proletaria PdUP
1003 PCI Partito Comunista Communist PCI
1004 PR Partito Radicale Radical R
1005 PSI Partito Socialista Socialist PSI
1006 PRI Partito Repubblicano Republican PRI
1007 PSDI Partito Socialdemocratico Social Democrat PSDI
1008 DC Democrazia Cristiana Christian Democrat DC
1009 PLI Partito Liberale Liberal PLI
1010 MSI Movimento Sociale MSI


Castles, Francis G. and Peter Mair. 1984. “Left-right political scales: Some ‘expert’ judgements.” European Journal of Political Research 12(1):73–88.