Parties (seats)

English name Family
AY Union of Israel spec
AH Labour Unity soc
Raam United Arab List spec
AE One Nation soc
Balad National Democratic Assembly spec
DH Banner of the Torah con
FS Flatto-Sharon right
Gesher Bridge con
Gil Pensioners of Israel spec
DS The Third Way lib
HaLe National Union right
HU Agriculture and Development spec
HM | HA Alignment | Labor soc
MeHo Free Centre lib
H | M | S Communist Party | Moked | Sheli com
Mizrahi Spiritual Centre spec
OZ - KH This World -- New Force com
HHM Mizrachi Workers spec
ReMiSh Progressive List for Peace com
Hat The Movement lib
Ratz Movement for Civil Rights and Peace soc
HDM United Religious Front spec
HDT Religious Torah Front spec
Herut Freedom Party con
HeNaMo Herut -- The National Movement right
HHT Yemenite Association spec
Kach Thus right
Kadima Forward lib
KiVe Progress and Work spec
KP Progress and Development spec
Kulanu All of Us lib
LA Independent Liberals lib
L The Consolidation con
Meretz Energy soc
Mafdal National Religious Party right
Mada Arab Democratic Party spec
MiHal Liberal Party lib
MP Progressive Party lib
MiHa Centre Party lib
Mapam United Workers Party soc
M Homeland con
Mo Heritage spec
O Courage lib
PAY Agudat Israel Workers spec
R | H New Communist List | Democratic Front com
RALEV Arab List for Bedouin and Villagers spec
RAM - 77 United Arab List -- 1977 spec
RDAY Democratic List for Israeli Arabs spec
RDN Democratic List of Nazareth spec
RM National List con
ReHa Fighters List spec
Rafi Israeli Workers List soc
SVM Sephardim and Oriental Communities con
Shinui Change lib
SV Cooperation and Brotherhood spec
Sh Peace-Zion con
Shas Sfarad's guards of the Torah con
Tehiya Revival con
TDL Democratic Movement for Change lib
Tami Movement for the Heritage of Israel con
Tzomet Crossroads right
Vitzo Women's International Zionist Organization spec
Yahad Together lib
YH United Torah Judaism con
YA There is a Future lib
YBA Israel for Immigration lib
YB Israel is Our Home right
ZK General Zionists lib