Parties (seats)

English name Family
Ab People's Alliance com
A Social Democratic Party soc
BJ Alliance of Social Democrats soc
BF Bright Future lib
Ba Farmers' Party agr
Bf - 87 Citizens' Party -- 1987 con
B - H Civic Movement -- The Movement lib
FlF People's Party com
F Progressive Party agr
Ff Liberal Party lib
FF Liberal Party lib
He Home Rule Party lib
Komm Communist Party com
KL Women's Alliance eco
Pi Pirate Party eco
SA - S United Socialist Party com
Sam Social Democratic Alliance soc
Sfvm Union of Liberals and Leftist com
Sjf Association for Equality and Justice agr
Sj Independence Party con
Sj - 07 Independence Party -- 1907 con
Th - Ff People's Movement soc
Thva National Preservation Party lib
Graen Left-Green Movement eco
V Revival con
M Centre Party none
none no party affiliation none