# English name Family
Ab People's Alliance com
A Social Democratic Party soc
BJ Alliance of Social Democrats soc
BF Bright Future lib
Ba Farmers' Party agr
Bo Citizens' Party con
Bf Citizens' Party con
Bf - 87 Citizens' Party -- 1987 con
B Civic Movement lib
B - H Civic Movement -- The Movement lib
Dawn Dawn -- Organization of justice, fairness and democracy spec
FlF People's Party com
FH Households Party spec
FM Humanist Party com
Fb Candidature Party spec
F Progressive Party agr
Ff Liberal Party lib
Fr Liberals lib
FF Liberal Party lib
HG RIght-Green People's Party lib
Ih Conservative Party con
He Home Rule Party lib
H The Movement lib
IL Icelandic Movement -- Living Country eco
Komm Communist Party com
KL Women's Alliance eco
IDP Iceland Democratic Party eco
Lve Republican Party con
MJ Debating Society of Social Democrats soc
OL Independent Democratic Party soc
Pi Pirate Party eco
Rebo Rainbow com
SA - S United Socialist Party com
Sam Social Democratic Alliance soc
Sfvm Union of Liberals and Leftist com
Sjf Association for Equality and Justice agr
Sj Independence Party con
Sj Independence Party con
Sj - 07 Independence Party -- 1907 con
Thod National Party agr
Th - Ff People's Movement soc
Thva National Preservation Party lib
Thve Common Wealth Party con
Graen Left-Green Movement eco
V Revival con
M Centre Party none
none no party affiliation none
no - seat no seat none