# English name Family
H - B Anti H-Block spec
A Aontu con
BP Business and Professional Group lib
CnP Republican Party con
CnT Party of the Land agr
CPA Cork Progressive Association con
CG Society of the Gaels con
DS Social Democrats soc
DLP Democratic Left com
DSP Democratic Socialist Party soc
DDI Direct Democracy Ireland spec
D - PRB Solidarity -- People Before Profit com
FP Farmers' Party agr
FF Fianna Fail con
FF Fianna Fail (Soldiers of Destiny) con
FG Fine Gael (Familiy of the Irish) chr
Green Green Party eco
I - NC Independent -- Nessa Childers soc
I - PC Independent -- Pat Cox lib
IFF Independent Fianna Fail con
IC Independents 4 Change com
IWL Irish Worker League com
Lab Labour Party soc
Lib Libertas Ireland con
NCP National Centre Party con
NL National Labour Party soc
NLP National League Party con
NP National Party con
NPD National Progressive Democrats com
SF Official Sinn Fein com
PBPA People Before Profit Alliance com
PD Progressive Democrats lib
PSF Provisional Sinn Fein com
RI Renua Ireland con
R Republican con
SF Sinn Fein com
SF Sinn Fein (Anti-Treaty) con
SF Sinn Fein (Pro-Treaty) con
SFWP Sinn Fein The Workers' Party com
SF - 05 Sinn Fein -- 1905 com
SP Socialist Party com
TWP The Workers' Party com
I - LF Independent -- Luke Flanagan none
I - MH Independent -- Marian Harkin none
I - TJM Independent -- Thomas (TJ) Maher none
IA Independent Alliance none
none no party affiliation none
no - seat no seat none
one - seat one seat none