Parties (seats)

English name Family
DC Democratic Centre lib
HDSS Croatian Democratic Peasant Party agr
HDZ Croatian Democratic Union chr
HGS Croatian Civic Party right
HNS Croatian People's Party -- Liberal Democrats lib
HSS Croatian Peasant Party agr
HSLS Croatian Social Liberal Party lib
HSP Croatian Party of Rights right
HSP - AS Croatian Party of Rights -- Dr. Ante Starcevic right
HSU Croatian Party of Pensioners spec
HDSSB Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja right
CL - LP Croatian Labourists -- Labour Party com
Hrast Croatian Growth chr
IDS Istrian Democratic Assembly lib
LS Liberal Party lib
LIBRA Party of Liberal Democrats lib
MB Milan Bandic 365 -- The Party of Labour and Solidarity soc
Most Bridge of Independent Lists con
NS People's Party -- Reformists lib
ORaH Sustainable Development of Croatia eco
PGS Alliance of Primorje-Gorski spec
SDSS Independent Democratic Serb Party soc
SPH Social Democratic Party of Croatia soc
SDA Party of Democratic Action of Croatia con
ZiZi Human Shield right
I - IG Independent List -- PhD Ivan Grubisic none
abroad abroad none
ethnic ethnic none
none no party affiliation none
one - seat one seat none