# English name Family
AM Youth Action eco
C Centre lib
DC Democratic Centre lib
DP Homeland Movement right
DPMS Miroslav Škoro Homeland Movement right
HDSS Croatian Democratic Peasant Party agr
HDZ Croatian Democratic Union chr
HGS Croatian Civic Party right
HNS Croatian People's Party -- Liberal Democrats lib
HPS Croatian People's Party con
HSNS Croatian Peasant's People's Party agr
HSS Croatian Peasant Party agr
HSLS Croatian Social Liberal Party lib
HSP Croatian Party of Rights right
HSP - 1861 Croatian Party of Right of 1861 right
HSP - AS Croatian Party of Rights -- Dr. Ante Starcevic right
HSU Croatian Party of Pensioners spec
HB Croatian Bloc right
HDSSB Croatian Democratic Alliance of Slavonia and Baranja right
HL - LR Croatian Labourists -- Labour Party com
Hrast Croatian Growth chr
IDS Istrian Democratic Assembly lib
LS Liberal Party lib
LIBRA Party of Liberal Democrats lib
MB Milan Bandic 365 -- The Party of Labour and Solidarity soc
Most Bridge of Independent Lists con
M ! We Can! – Political Platform eco
NS People's Party -- Reformists lib
NHR Independents for Croatia con
ORaH Sustainable Development of Croatia eco
P Intelligently lib
Pi Pirate Party Croatia spec
PGS Alliance of Primorje-Gorski spec
SDSS Independent Democratic Serb Party soc
SPH Social Democratic Party of Croatia soc
START Party of Anti-Corruption, Development and Transparency spec
SDA Party of Democratic Action of Croatia con
ZDS Democratic Party of Zagorje right
ZZ Greens Together eco
ZiZi Human Shield right
I - MP Independent -- Marijana Petir none
I - MK Independent -- Mislav Kolakusic none
I - IG Independent List -- PhD Ivan Grubisic none
abroad abroad none
ethnic ethnic none
none no party affiliation none
one - seat one seat none