# English name Family
E - OAD Greece, the Other Way con
ANEL Independent Greeks right
AASA Front of the Greek Anticapitalist Left com
CD Christian Democracy chr
DX Recreate Greece con
DIANA Democratic Renewal con
DIMAR Democratic Left soc
DIKKI Democratic Social Movement soc
DISY Democratic Alliance lib
D - FS Action -- Liberal Alliance lib
EDOK Greek Democratic Ecological Movement eco
EEP Greek European Citizens lib
EL Greek Solution con
Emp Independent Muslim Lists spec
EDA United Democratic Left com
EDIK Union of the Democratic Centre lib
EPL Union for the Homeland and the People con
EK Union of Centrists soc
EK - ND Centre Union -- New Forces lib
EP National Alignment con
EPEN National Political Union right
EDE National Democratic Union right
MR25 European Realistic Disobedience Front [MeRa25] com
KIDISO Movement of Democratic Socialists soc
KDS Party of Democratic Socialism soc
KEK Party of Greek Hunters con
KN Party of New Liberals lib
KP Progressive Party con
KF Liberal Party lib
KKE Communist Party of Greece com
KEE ( I ) Communist Party of Greece (Interior) com
LE Popular Unity com
LE | PE Popular Unity | Course of Freedom com
LAOS Popular Orthodox Rally right
LS - CA Peoples Association -- Golden Dawn right
ND New Democracy chr
OF The Liberals lib
OE Alternative Ecologists eco
OP Ecologist Greens eco
PMM Panhellenic Macedonian Front spec
PASOK Panhellenic Socialist Movement soc
PE Course of Freedom com
POLAN Political Spring con
SYN Synaspismos -- Coalition of the Left of Movements and Ecology com
SYRIZA Coalition of the Radical Left com
SYN Coalition of the Left com
SYN Coalition of the Left and Progress com
Tel Dot -- Apostolos Gkletsos soc
TP The River soc
none no party affiliation none
no - seat no seat none