Parties (seats)

English name Family
BNP British National Party right
CoCon Coalition Conservative con
CoLab Coalition Labour soc
CoLib Coalition Liberal lib
CPGB Communist Party of Great Britain com
Con Conservatives con
C Constitutionalist con
DUP Democratic Unionist Party con
GP Green Party eco
ILP Independent Labour Party com
IL Independent Liberal lib
Lab Labour soc
Lib Liberals lib
Na National con
NDP National Democratic and Labour Party right
NLO National Labour Organisation soc
NLP National Liberal Party lib
NP National Party right
N Nationalist Party soc
Plaid Plaid Cymru spec
RepLP Republican Labour Party code
R Respect -- The Unity Coalition code
SNP Scottish National Party soc
SF Sinn Fein com
SDLP Social Democratic and Labour Party soc
SDP Social Democratic Party soc
UPUP Ulster Popular Unionist Party code
UUP Ulster Unionist Party con
UKIP United Kingdom Independence Party right
U Unity spec
VUPP Vanguard Unionist Progressive Party right
none no party affiliation none
one - seat one seat none
etc others none