External data for United Kingdom

Parties in Ray (1999)

ID Name English name ParlGov parties
1101 TORY Conservative Party Conservative Party Con
1102 LAB Labour Labour Lab
1103 SDLP Social Democratic Labour Party Social Democratic Labour Party SDLP
1104 SLD Social and Liberal Democrats Social and Liberal Democrats Lib
1105 SNP Scottish National Party Scottish National Party SNP
1106 CYMRU Plaid Cymru Welsh Nationalist Party Plaid
1107 GREEN Green Party Green Party GP
1108 UNION Unionist Unionist UKIP


Ray, Leonard. 1999. “Measuring party orientations towards European integration: Results from an expert survey.” European Journal of Political Research 36(2):283–306.

External data    http://www.lsu.edu/faculty/lray2/data/data.html