# English name Family
ALP Liberal People's Action chr
ARS Republican and Social Action con
AC Centrist Alliance lib
AO Alliance of the Overseas com
CD Democratic Centre chr
CDP Centre Democracy and Progress chr
CDS Centre of Social Democrats chr
CD Democratic Centre chr
CNIP National Centre of Independents and Peasants [Conservatives] con
CNRS National Centre of Social Republicans con
CeD Centre Right con
CeG Centre Left soc
CeG Plural Left soc
CPNT Hunting, Fishing, Nature, Tradition agr
C Conservatives con
DLF France Arise con
DLR Republic Arise con
DLR | DLF Republic Arise | France Arise con
DL Liberal Democracy con
droite other right con
eco other ecologists eco
gauche other left soc
CeD Parliamentary Right con
EELV Europe Ecology -- The Greens eco
ex - dro other far-right right
ex - gau other far-left com
FdG Left Front com
FN National Front right
CeG Republican Front [Left] soc
GDR Democratic and Republican Left com
CeG Union of Left soc
CeG United Left soc
G Gaullists con
G Gaullists con
GE Ecology Generation eco
Gs Generation.s, the movement soc
IOM Overseas Independents spec
IR Independent Republicans con
IR | DL Independent Republicans | Liberal Democracy con
UNR - UDT Union for the New Republic -- Gaullist Democratic Union of Labour con
FI Unbowed France com
REM The Republic Onwards! lib
LR The Republicans con
V Greens eco
LCR Revolutionary Communist League com
RPR + UDF RPR/UDF connected list con
LO Workers' Struggle com
CeD Presidential Majority [Right] con
CeG Presidential Majority [Left] soc
CeG Presidential majority [Left] soc
MGRS Movement of the Radical-Socialist Left soc
MoDem Democratic Movement con
MDC Citizens' Movement com
MRG Movement of Radicals of the Left soc
MIM Martinican Independence Movement spec
MNR National Republican Movement right
MF Movement for France con
MR Reformers Movement chr
MDC Citizen and Republican Movement com
MRP Popular Republican Movement chr
NC New Centre lib
PA Animalist Party spec
PCF French Communist Party com
PUP Proletarian Unity Party com
MP Party of Presidential Majority com
PDP Popular Democratic Party chr
PFN Party of New Forces right
PRG Radical Party of the Left soc
PRV Radical Party Valoisien con
PRS Radical-Socialist Party soc
PR Radical Socialist Party con
RCV Radical-Socialist Party -- Citizens' Movement -- Greens com
RP Republican Party con
PRL Conservatives con
RS Republican Socialist Party soc
PRR / RS Republican, Radical and Radical-Socialist Party con
PS Socialist Party soc
PSdF Socialist Party of France -- Jean Jaures Union soc
PSF French Socialist Party soc
PSU Unified Socialist Party com
MDC Republican Alliance com
RI Independent Radicals con
RDA African Democratic Rally com
RGR Rally of Republican Lefts con
RPF Rally of the French People con
RN National Rally right
RPF Rally for France con
RPR Rally for the Republic con
RepG Left Republican lib
RP Progressive Republicans con
Rep Republicans lib
SFIO Socialist Party soc
SI Independent Socialists com
TPA Three Parties Alliance soc
TPA Three Parties Alliance -- Third Force soc
TF Third Force soc
UDCA Union for the Defence of Traders and Artisans -- Poujadists con
UDSR Democratic and Socialist Union of the Resistance soc
UDI Union of Democrats and Independents con
UDR Union of Democrats for the Fifth Republic con
UDR Union of Democrats for the Republic con
UFD Union of Democratic Forces soc
URAS Union of republican social action con
CeD Union of the People of France con
CeD Union of the Rally and the Centre con
UG Gaullist Union con
UPR Popular Republican Union con
U5R Union for the fifth republic con
UDF Union for French Democracy con
UDF | MD Union for French Democracy | Democratic Movement con
CeD Union for a New Majority [Right] con
UNR Union for the New Republic con
UMP Union for a Popular Movement con
UMP | LR Union for a Popular Movement | The Republicans con
UR Republican Union right
etc others none
no - seat no seat none
none no party affiliation none
todo to be coded none