# English name Family
AS Aland Coalition spec
DL | VAS Democratic Union | Left Alliance com
Deva Democratic Alternative com
Eko Ecological Party eco
IK Patriotic People's Movement con
I Independence Party spec
KE National Progressive Party lib
KE | SLK National Progressive Party | [Finnish] Liberal People's Party lib
KOK National Coalition Party con
Ka People's Party agr
KESK Centre Party agr
KESK Centre Party agr
KD Christian Democrats chr
LKP Liberal People's Party lib
LN Movement Now lib
Maal Agrarian Union agr
NSP Young Finns lib
Ps True Finns agr
PS Finns Party agr
POP Constitutional People's Party con
PMP Party of Smallholders and Rural People agr
Pi Pirate Party Finland spec
Rt Reform Group spec
RKP - SFP Swedish People's Party lib
SV Swedish Left com
SIN Blue Reform right
SD - o Social Democratic Opposition soc
SMP Finnish Rural Party agr
SP - V Finnish Party -- Old Finns con
SEP Finnish Pensioners Party spec
SKDL Finish Peoples Democratic Union com
SKYP Finnish People's Unity Party con
SK Finnish People's Party lib
KESK Finnish Centre agr
SKP - Y Communist Party of Finland (Unity) com
SKP Communist Party of Finland (unity) com
SKP Communist Party of Finland com
SKP - 97 Communist Party of Finland (1997) com
SKL Finnish Christian League chr
KD Finninsh Christian Democrats chr
SKrTL Christian Workers' Union of Finland soc
SPP Finnish Smallholder Party agr
SPP Finnish Small Farmers' Party agr
SP | P Finnish Party | True Finns agr
SSDP Social Democratic Party of Finland soc
TPSL Social Democratic League of Workers and Smallholders soc
UV New Alternative right
UV | SIN New Alternative | Blue Reform right
VEU Anti-EU Movement spec
VL Liberal League lib
VSL League for Free Finland spec
VSL League for Free Finland spec
VAS Left Alliance com
VIHR Green League eco
VIHR Greens eco
none no party affiliation none
no - seat no seat none
one - seat one seat none