# English name Family
EDP Democrats -- Estonian Democratic Party lib
EDOL Estonian Democratic Justice Union agr
EEE Estonian Entrepreneur Party lib
EIP Estonian Independence Party right
EK Estonian Centre Party soc
EKo Estonian Citizens right
EKRE Conservative People's Party con
EKK Estonian Coalition Party lib
EKRP Estonian Christian Democratic Party chr
EKD Estonian Christian Democrats chr
EMK Estonian Rural Centre Party agr
EM Estonian Country Union agr
EME Estonian Country People's Party con
EPPE Estonian Party of Pensioners and Families agr
EPL Estonian Pensioners' Union spec
ERSP Estonian National Independence Party con
ERe Estonian Reform Party lib
EER - 91 Estonian Greens -- 1991 eco
ESE Estonian Blue Party lib
ESE - D Estonian Blue Party -- Democrats lib
ESDP / EMK Estonian Social Democratic Party / Estonian Rural Centre Party soc
ETE Estonian Farmers Party agr
EV Free Party con
EVP Estonian Left Party com
ERa People's Union of Estonia con
ERa / EKR People's Union of Estonia / Conservative People's Party con
EUR Estonian United People's Party soc
ELE Richness of Life eco
E200 Estonia 200 lib
EEKD Party of Estonian Christian Democrats chr
EER Estonian Greens eco
IRL Union of Pro Patria and Res Publica con
ERP Res Publica Party con
I Pro Patria Union con
K Constitution Party soc
K - EUR Constitution Party -- Estonian United People's Party soc
M Moderates soc
PK Union of Farmers agr
R People's Party con
RM Moderate People's Party soc
R Popular Front soc
RKI National Coalition Party "Pro Patria" con
SK Independent Royalists spec
SDE Social Democratic Party soc
SDE | M Social Democratic Party | Moderates soc
TEE Future's Estonia Party right
TEE Future Estonia | Independence right
VKR People's Party of Republicans and Conservatives con
VEE Russian Party in Estonia con
I - DK Independent -- Dimitri Klenski none
I - IT Independent -- Indrek Tarand none
I - MH Independent -- Martin Helme none
I - RK Independent -- Raimond Kaljulaid none
I - SM Independent -- Silver Meikar none
I - TT Independent -- Tanel Talve none
none no party affiliation none
todo to be coded none