# English name Family
AIC Canary Islands Group spec
ARM Ruiz-Mateos List spec
AP People's Alliance con
AP - P People's Alliance-Party con
Bai Yes spec
BNG Galician Nationalist Block spec
CDS Democratic and Social Centre chr
CA Aragonese Council spec
C - PC Citizens -- Party of the Citizenry lib
CIP Coalition "Left Pluralism" com
CC Canary Coalition spec
EDC Electoral Coalition of Christian Democratic Team chr
CE European Coalition spec
CN Nationalist Coalition spec
C - NE European-Nationalist Coalition spec
CpE Coalition for Europe spec
CEP For the Europe of the Peoples spec
C | AV Compromise | A la valenciana com
EeM It is time com
AV A la valenciana com
CV Confederation of the Greens eco
CDC Democratic Convergence of Catalonia con
CiU Convergence and Union con
ECP In Common We Can com
EM In Tide com
ERC Republican Left of Catalonia spec
EdP Europe of the People eco
EP - V Europe of the People -- The Greens eco
EH We, the Basque citizens spec
EHB Basque Country Unite spec
EA Basque Solidarity spec
EE Basque Left com
EU United Extremadura spec
GALEUSCA GALEUSCA -- Peoples of Europe spec
GeBai Yes to the future spec
HB United People spec
II - SP Internationalist Initiative -- Solidarity between Peoples spec
ICV Initiative for Catalonia Greens eco
IU United Left com
IP Left of the Peoples spec
LVE Greens Ecologists eco
NaBai Navarre Yes spec
PACMA Animalist Party Against Mistreatment to Animals spec
PAR Aragonese Regionalist Party spec
PCE Spanish Communist Party com
PCE | IU Communist Party | United Left com
PTE - UC Workers' Party of Spain -- Communist Unity com
PTE Party of Labour of Spain com
PDP Popular Democratic Party lib
PL Liberal Party lib
PNV Basque Nationalist Party chr
PP People's Party con
PSOE Spanish Socialist Workers Party soc
PSP People's Socialist Party com
PA Andalusian Party soc
PSC - PSOE Socialists' Party of Catalonia soc
P We Can com
UCDCC Union of Centre and Christian Democracy of Catalonia chr
UC Centrist Union chr
UCD Union of the Democratic Centre lib
UN National Union right
UPyD Union, Progress and Democracy lib
UV Valencian Union spec
Vox Voice lib
none no party affiliation none
no - seat no seat none
one - seat one seat none
etc others none
todo to be coded none