# English name Family
V Liberal Party of Denmark lib
A The Alternative eco
At Solidarity (Greenland) lib
Bo Farmers' Party agr
CD Centre Democrats con
DKP Communist Party of Denmark com
DNSAP National Socialist Workers' Party of Denmark right
DRF Justice Party of Denmark lib
DF Danish Peoples Party right
DS Danish Union right
Gron Greens eco
DU Independents Party lib
DFV The United Left lib
KF Conservative People's Party con
RV Danish Social Liberal Party lib
En - O Red-Green Alliance com
EP Industry Party lib
FK Common Course com
Fobe People's Movement against the EU spec
FrP Progress Party lib
FF People's Party (Faroe Islands) con
H Right con
IA Community of the People com
Jf Social Democratic Party (Faroe Islands) soc
JuBe June Movement spec
KF Conservatives con
KrF Christian People's Party chr
K Christian Democrats chr
LA Liberal Alliance lib
LC Liberal Centre lib
MV Moderate Liberals lib
NS National Cooperation con
NA New Alliance lib
NLA New-Liberal Alliance lib
NB The New Right right
RF Justice Party lib
Sbf Union Party (Faroe Islands) con
Si Forward (Greenland) soc
SP Schleswig Party spec
Sd Social Democrats soc
SF Socialist Peoples Party eco
SK Hard Line right
T Republic (Faroe Islands) com
V Liberal Party lib
V Left Reform Party lib
VS Left Socialists com
GrFa Greenland and Faroe Islands none
none no party affiliation none
no - seat no seat none
etc others none