# English name Family
AfD Alternative for Germany right
WASG Labour and Social Justice -- The Electoral Alternative com
BLB Baden Rural Federation agr
BWB Farmers' and winegrowers' association agr
BVP Bavarian People's Party chr
BBB Bavarian Peasants' and Middle Class League lib
BBB Bavarian Peasants' League lib
BP Bavarian Party con
BHE Bloc of Expellees and Deprived of Rights right
B90 / Gru Alliance 90 / Greens eco
B90 / Gr Alliance 90 / Greens -- Citizens' Movement eco
BFB Confederation of free citizens -- Offensive for Germany right
CDU Christian Democratic Union chr
CDU + CSU Christian Democratic Union / Christian Social Union chr
CSU Christian Social Union chr
CNBL Christian-National Peasants' and Farmers' Party chr
CSVD Christian Social People's Service chr
CNAG Christian National Working Group chr
DHP German-Hanoverian Party con
DAP German Workers' Party right
DBP German Farmers' Party agr
DDP German Democratic Party lib
DFU German Peace Union com
DKP German Communist Party com
DKP - DRP German Conservative Party -- German Right Party right
DP German Party con
DRP German Reich Party right
DStP German State Party lib
DVP German People's Party con
DVU German People's Union right
DZ Centre Party chr
DNVP German National People's Party right
DSP German Social Party right
Grau The Grays -- Gray Panthers spec
Gruene Greens eco
Linke The Left com
Li / PDS The Left / PDS com
Rep The Republicans right
Fam Family Party of Germany con
FDP Free Democratic Party lib
FVP Free People's Party lib
FW Free Voters con
Fr Peace alliance com
GDP All-German Party con
GVP All-German People's Party chr
GB / BHE All-German Bloc / League of Expellees and Deprived of Rights right
HBB Hessian Farmers' Federation agr
KPD Communist Party of Germany com
KVP Conservative Peoples' Party con
LBT Rural Federation Thuringia agr
NPD National Democratic Party right
NSDAP National Socialist German Workers' Party right
ODP Ecological Democratic Party eco
PDS Party for Democratic Socialism com
PDS | Li PDS | The Left com
Pi German Pirate Party spec
RP Reich Party of the German Middle Classes con
VRP Reich Party for Civil Rights and Deflation spec
SLV Saxon Peasants agr
SPD Social Democratic Party of Germany soc
Tier Animal Protection Party spec
USPD Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany com
VKPD United Communist Party of Germany com
VLBT United Agricultural Professional Association of Thuringia agr
WAV Economic Reconstruction League right
WP Economic Party con
WP Economic Party of the German Middle Classes con
WBWB Wuerttembergischer farmers' and winegrowers' association agr
no - seat no seat none
one - seat one seat none
none no party affiliation none