# English name Family
ADK Fighting Democratic Movement right
ADISOK Democratic Socialist Renewal Movement com
AKEL Progressive Party of Working People com
DP Democratic Alignment lib
DIKO Democratic Party con
DISY Democratic Rally con
EDEK United Democratic Union of Centre soc
ED United Democrats lib
EnKe Union Centre lib
ELAM National Popular Front right
EK European Party lib
GTE For Europe con
KEP Free Citizens Movement code
KED Free Democrats Movement lib
KINHMA Solidarity Movement right
KGTZTK Animal Party Cyprus spec
KOP Ecological and Environmental Movement eco
KISOS Movement for Social Democracy soc
EDEK Movement for Social Democracy EDEK soc
LP Liberal Party lib
ME Message of Hope lib
NEDEPA New Democratic Front code
NO New Horizons right
PAME Pancypriot Militant Front right
EDEK Socialist Party of Cyprus soc
SYM Citizen's Alliance soc
YH Jasmine Movement soc
Greek Greek none
I - SL Independent -- Sener Levent none
Turkish Turkish none
none no party affiliation none
todo to be coded none