Parties (seats)

English name Family
FPS Automobile Party | Freedom Party of Switzerland right
BHB Young Peasants Movement eco
BDP Conservative Democratic Party of Switzerland con
CsP - PCS Christian Social Party chr
EDU - UDF Federal Democratic Union of Switzerland con
EJ Agreement Jura code
EVP - PEP Protestant Peoples Party chr
FGr - ASF Feminists and Green-Alternative Groups eco
FDP - PRD Radical Democratic Party lib
Grue Greens eco
GPL - PVL Green Liberal Party eco
GV Grutli Society soc
DG Democratic Group soc
KK / CVP Catholic Conservative / Christian Democratic Peoples Party chr
LdU - ADI Independents Alliance soc
LdT Ticino League right
LPS Liberal Party of Switzerland lib
LF / PEB Liberal Socialist Party lib
MCR Geneva Citizens' Movement right
NA | SD National Action -- Swiss Democrats right
PdA Swiss Party of Labour com
PSA Autonomous Socialist Party com
POCH Progressive Organisations of Switzerland com
RB Republican Movement right
SVP - UDC Swiss People's Party agr
S Solidarity com
SP - PS Social Democratic Party of Switzerland soc
UDE National Union right
KHM Committee Herbert Maeder none
one - seat one seat none
etc others none