# English name Family
FPS Automobile Party | Freedom Party of Switzerland right
BHB Young Peasants Movement eco
BDP Conservative Democratic Party of Switzerland con
CVP - PDC Christian Democratic Peoples Party chr
CsP - PCS Christian Social Party chr
EDU - UDF Federal Democratic Union of Switzerland con
EJ Agreement Jura code
EVP - PEP Protestant Peoples Party chr
FDP FDP.The Liberals lib
FGr - ASF Feminists and Green-Alternative Groups eco
GPS - PES Federation of Green Parties eco
FPS Freedom Party of Switzerland right
FDP - PRD Radical Democratic Party lib
Grue Greens eco
Grue Greens eco
Grue Green Party of Switzerland eco
GPL - PVL Green Liberal Party eco
GV Grutli Society soc
DG Democratic Group soc
CCPS Catholic-Conservative Party of Switzerland chr
KK - CC Catholic Conservatives chr
KK / CVP Catholic Conservative / Christian Democratic Peoples Party chr
KPS - PCS Communist Party of Switzerland com
K - CSP Conservative-Christian-Social People's Party chr
LdU - ADI Independents Alliance soc
LdT Ticino League right
LDP Liberal Democratic Party lib
LC Liberal Conservatives lib
LPS Liberal Party of Switzerland lib
LF / PEB Liberal Socialist Party lib
MCR Geneva Citizens' Movement right
NA | SD National Action -- Swiss Democrats right
NA - AN National Action for People and Fatherland right
NA - AN National Action against Foreign Domination right
PdA Swiss Party of Labour com
PSA Autonomous Socialist Party com
PSU United Socialist Party com
POCH Progressive Organisations of Switzerland com
RB Republican Movement right
FPS Swiss Automobile Party right
SD Swiss Democrats right
BGB Farmers, Traders and Citizens Party agr
SVP - UDC Swiss People's Party agr
SVP - UDC Swiss Peoples Party agr
S Solidarity com
SP - PS Social Democratic Party of Switzerland soc
SG Social-Political Group soc
UDE National Union right
KHM Committee Herbert Maeder none
one - seat one seat none
etc others none
none no party affiliation none