# English name Family
BPC Bloc Populaire Canadien spec
BQ Quebec Bloc soc
CA Canadian Alliance con
CCF Co-operative Commonwealth Federation soc
CCF | NDP Co-operative Commonwealth Federation | New Democratic Party soc
CP | LPP Communist (Labour-Progressive) Party com
CP Communist Party com
CP Communist Party com
CPC Conservative Party of Canada con
C Conservatives con
GPC Green Party of Canada eco
L Labour Party soc
LPP Labour-Progressive Party com
LP Liberal Party of Canada lib
LCP Liberal-Conservative Party con
LL Liberal-Labour lib
L - P Liberal-Progressive lib
NCP National Conservative Party con
NLCP National Liberal and Conservative Party con
NPC National Party of Canada soc
NDP New Democratic Party soc
PR Rhinoceros Party spec
PCP Progressive Conservative Party of Canada con
PPC Progressive Party of Canada agr
SCR Social Credit Rally spec
RP Reconstruction Party of Canada con
RPC Reform Party of Canada con
SSC Social Credit Party of Canada con
UE Union of Electors spec
UP Unionist Party con
none no party affiliation none
no - seat no seat none
etc others none