# English name Family
ABV Alternative for Bulgarian Revival soc
Ataka Attack right
BBZ Bulgaria Without Censorship con
BE Euro-Left Coalition soc
BNRP Bulgarian National Radical Party right
BSP Bulgarian Socialist Party soc
BBB Bulgarian Business Bloc lib
BNS Bulgarian People's Union con
BZNS - AS Bulgarian Agrarian People's Union "Aleksandar Stamboliyski" agr
BZNS - NP Bulgarian Agrarian National Union -- "Nikola Petkov" agr
BZNS Bulgarian Agrarian People's Union agr
BSPzB BSP for Bulgaria soc
CSD Centre -- Freedom and Dignity lib
DB Yes, Bulgaria! lib
DL Democratic Left soc
DOST Democrats for Responsibility, Solidarity and Tolerance lib
DSB Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria con
DP Democratic Party chr
DAR Democratic Alternative for the Republic soc
BNG Bulgaria for Citizens Movement con
D21 Movement 21 soc
DG George's Day Movement right
DPS Movement for Rights and Freedoms lib
ER Euroroma spec
FTB Kingdom of Bulgaria Confederation spec
GN People's Voice spec
GERB Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria con
KR Coalition of the Rose soc
KSII Simeon II Coalition spec
KzB Coalition for Bulgaria soc
KzB | DL Coalition for Bulgaria | Democratic Left soc
KPB Communist Party of Bulgaria com
Lider Lider lib
NFSB National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria right
NDSV National Movement Simeon II lib
NDSV National Movement for Stability and Progress lib
NOTS National Union for Tzar Simeon II spec
NV New Times eco
ODS United Democratic Forces con
OT - SII Union for Tzar [Simeon II] spec
OT Union for the King spec
PBSD Party of Bulgarian Social Democrats soc
PS Patriotic Union con
PKE Political Club "Ecoglasnost" eco
RZS Order, Lawfulness and Justice right
RB Reformist Bloc con
SK Blue Coalition con
SNI "New Choice" Union lib
SDS Union of Democratic Forces chr
SDS - l Union of Democratic Forces -- Liberal lib
SDS - ts Union of Democratic Forces -- Centre soc
R Revival right
VMRO IMRO -- Bulgarian National Movement right
Volya Will lib
ZP Green Party of Bulgaria eco
ZNS Agrarian People's Union agr
ZS - AS Agrarian Union "Aleksandar Stamboliyski" agr
ZS - AS Agrarian Union "Aleksandar Stamboliyski" agr
I - MK Independent -- Mincho Kuminev none
none no party affiliation none
todo to be coded none