Parties (seats)

English name Family
AGL - Gr Agalev -- Green eco
BSP - PSB Belgian Socialist Party soc
BWP - POB Belgian Labour Party soc
CD Catholic Dissidents chr
CVP Flemish Christian Peoples Party chr
CD + NVA Christian-Democrat and Flemish / New Flemish Alliance chr
CV Christian Peoples' Party [Daens] chr
CSP Christian Social Party chr
DC Christian Democrats chr
Ecolo Confederated ecologists for the organisation of original struggles eco
FDF Francophone Democratic Front lib
FN National Front right
FP | VNV Front Party | Flemish National Union soc
KLS Cartel of Liberals and Socialists soc
KP - PC Catholic Party chr
KVV Catholic Flemish People's Party chr
KPB - PCB Communist Party com
LP - PL Liberal Party lib
LD | LDD List Dedecker | Libertarian, Direct, Democratic lib
LC Catholics Lists chr
MR Reformist Movement lib
N - VA New Flemish Alliance con
PL ( B ) Liberal Party [Brussels Region] lib
Pp People's Party con
PRL Liberal Reformist Party lib
Rex Rexist Party right
PSC - CDH Francophone Christian Social Party -- Humanist Democratic Centre chr
PSC - CVP Francophone Christian Social Party and Flemish Christian People's Party chr
PS Socialist Party [Francophone] soc
PA - PTB Workers' Party of Belgium com
PVV | VLD Party of Liberty and Progress | Flemish Liberals and Democrats lib
ROSSEM Radical Reformers Fighting for an Upright Society lib
RW Walloon Rally soc
RvA - UpD Respect for Labour right
SP Socialist Party soc
SPa + Spi Socialist Party Different / Social Liberal Party soc
UDB Belgian Democratic Union code
VB Flemish Block right
VU People's Union right
one - seat one seat none
etc others none