# English name Family
AGL - Gr Agalev -- Green eco
AMADA All Power to the Workers com
Agalev Live Differently -- Flemish-speaking Ecologists eco
BSP Flemish Socialist Party soc
BSP - PSB Belgian Socialist Party soc
BWP - POB Belgian Labour Party soc
CD Catholic Dissidents chr
CDH Humanist Democratic Centre chr
CVV Christian Flemish People's Union right
CVP Flemish Christian Peoples Party chr
CD + NVA Christian-Democrat and Flemish / New Flemish Alliance chr
CD & V Christian Democrats & Flemish chr
CV Christian Peoples' Party [Daens] chr
CSP Christian Social Party chr
DLB Belgians, Rise Up! right
DeFI Democratic Federalist Independent lib
DC Christian Democrats chr
Ecolo Confederated ecologists for the organisation of original struggles eco
Ecolo Francophone Ecologists eco
FDF Francophone Democratic Front lib
FDF Francophone Democratic Front lib
FDF Democratic Front of the Francophones lib
FN National Front right
FP Front Party soc
FP | VNV Front Party | Flemish National Union soc
Groen Groen eco
Groen Green! eco
WOW Growing Old in Dignity right
KLS Cartel of Liberals and Socialists soc
KP - PC Catholic Party chr
KVV Catholic Flemish People's Party chr
KPB - PCB Communist Party com
LP - PL Liberal Party lib
LD List Dedecker lib
LDD Libertarian, Direct, Democratic lib
LD | LDD List Dedecker | Libertarian, Direct, Democratic lib
LC Catholics Lists chr
MCC Citizens' Movement for Change chr
MR Reformist Movement lib
N - VA New Flemish Alliance con
O - VLD Open Flemish Liberals and Democrats lib
PRLW Party for Reforms and Freedom of Wallonia lib
PL Liberal Party lib
PL ( B ) Liberal Party [Brussels Region] lib
PLDP Liberal Democratic and Pluralistic Party of the Brussels Region lib
Pp People's Party con
PRL Liberal Reformist Party lib
Rex Rexist Party right
PSC Francophone Christian Social Party chr
PSC - CDH Francophone Christian Social Party -- Humanist Democratic Centre chr
PSC - CVP Francophone Christian Social Party and Flemish Christian People's Party chr
PS Socialist Party [Francophone] soc
PA - PTB Workers' Party of Belgium com
PVV Party of Liberty and Progress lib
PVV - PLP Party of Liberty and Progress lib
PVV | VLD Party of Liberty and Progress | Flemish Liberals and Democrats lib
ROSSEM Radical Reformers Fighting for an Upright Society lib
RW Walloon Rally soc
RvA - UpD Respect for Labour right
SLP Social Liberal Party lib
SP Socialist Party soc
SP Flemish Socialist Party soc
SPa Socialist Party -- Different soc
SPa + Spi Socialist Party Different / Social Liberal Party soc
Spirit Spirit lib
Spirit Spirit -- Social, Progressive, International, Regionalist, Democratic and Future-Oriented lib
UDB Belgian Democratic Union code
V Alive lib
VB Flemish Interest right
VB Flemish Block right
VNV Flemish National Union soc
VC Flemish Concentration right
VLD Flemish Liberals and Democrats lib
VP Flemish Progressives lib
VU People's Union right
none no party affiliation none
no - seat no seat none
one - seat one seat none
etc others none