# English name Family
ALO Alternative List Austria eco
BZO Alliance for the Future of Austria right
Fritz The Citizens' Forum Austria soc
CSA Christian Social Alliance (Karl Habsburg List) chr
DFP Democratic Progressive Party spec
Gruene The Greens -- The Green Alternative eco
N Citizens' Initiative for the retention of neutrality spec
REKOS The Reform Conservatives con
DU The Independents -- Lugner's List spec
EU - STOP EU Withdrawal, Direct Democracy, Neutrality spec
FPO Freedom Party of Austria right
Gruene Green Alternative eco
KPO Communist Party of Austria com
LIF Liberal Forum lib
Martin Hans-Peter Martin's List spec
Nein No -- Citizens' Initiative against EU membership spec
NEOS NEOS -- The New Austria lib
NEOS NEOS -- The New Austria and Liberal Forum lib
OVP Austrian People's Party chr
SPO Social Democratic Party of Austria soc
SPO Socialist Party of Austria soc
TS Team Stronach lib
VdU Federation of Independents right
VGO United Greens Austria eco
none no party affiliation none
no - seat no seat none
todo to be coded none