# English name Family
ASOC Anti-Socialist Party lib
AP Australia Party lib
ACP - V Australian Country Party (Vic) con
AD Australian Democrats soc
AG Australian Greens eco
ALP Australian Labor Party soc
ALP - AC Australian Labor Party (Anti-Communist) soc
ALP - NSW Australian Labor Party (New South Wales) soc
ALP - NC Australian Labor Party (Non-Communist) soc
CTA Call to Australia Party chr
CA Centre Alliance lib
CDP Christian Democratic Party chr
C Coalition con
CLP Commonwealth Liberal Party con
CPA Communist Party of Australia com
CouLP Country Liberal Party lib
CP Country Party con
CPP - V Country Progressive Party (Vic) con
CN - QLD Country-National Party (Qld) con
DLP Democratic Labour Party soc
EC - SA Emergency Committee (SA) lib
FFP Family First Party con
FS - NSW Farmers and Settlers (NSW) agr
FLL Federal Lang Labor soc
FTP Free Trade Party lib
IPP - V Independent Protectionist Party (Vic) con
INAT Independet Nationalist code
Katter Katter's Australian Party soc
LLP Lang Labour Party soc
LCL Liberal and Country League soc
LCP - V Liberal Country Party (Vic) agr
LD - NSW Liberal Democratic Party (New South Wales) lib
LNPQ Liberal National Party of Queensland lib
LP Liberal Party con
LPA Liberal Party of Australia con
NCP | NPA National (Country) Party | National Party of Australia con
NCA National Country Party con
NL National Labor soc
NPA National Party of Australia con
NAT - WA Nationalist con
NF - NSW Nationalist and Farmers (NSW) code
NAT Nationalist Party of Australia right
NXT Nick Xenophon Team lib
ONP One Nation Party right
OPA One Parliament for Australia code
PUP Palmer United Party lib
PP Protectionist Party con
QC Queensland Country Party con
SPA Services Party of Australia code
SCP Social Credit Party spec
SL - NSW State Labor Party (NSW) com
C The Coalition con
UAP United Australia Party con
UAP United Australia Party lib
VCP Victorian Country Party con
VFU - V Victorian Farmers' Union agr
WAP Western Australian Party lib
IUAP - NSW Independent UAP (NSW) none
none no party affiliation none
no - seat no seat none
one - seat one seat none