External data for Estonia

Parties in Huber and Inglehart (1995)

ID Name English name ParlGov parties
1201 RDM Russian Democratic Movement K-EUR
1202 EDLP Estonian Democratic Labor Party
1203 ERU Estonian Rural Union PK
1204 ECP Estonian Center Party EKR
1205 ESDP Estonian Social Democratic Party SDE|M
1206 - Greens EER-91
1207 ERCP Estonian Rural Center Party EMK
1208 ELDP Liberal Democratic Party ERe
1209 CP Coalition Party EKK
1210 ENIP Estonian National Independence Party ERSP
1211 EPE Estonian Party of Entrepreneurs EEE
1212 NCP Pro Patria I
1213 NPUR National Party of the Unlawfully Repressed
1214 EFP Estonian Farmers' Party


Huber, John, and Roland Inglehart. 1995. “Expert Interpretations of Party Space and Party Locations in 42 Societies.” Party Politics 1(1):73–111.