External data for Bulgaria

Parties in Huber and Inglehart (1995)

ID Name English name ParlGov parties
701 BKP Bulgarska Komunisticheska Partiya Bulgarian Communist Party KPB
702 BSP Bulgarska Socialisticheska Partiya Bulgarian Socialist Party BSPKzB|DL
703 BSDP Bulgarian Social Democratic Party PBSD
704 BANU Bulgarski Zemedelski Naroden Soyuz Bulgarian Agrarian National Movement ZNS
705 GP Green Party ZP
706 SDS Soyuz na Demokratichnite Sili Union of Democratic Forces ODS
707 BPL Bulgarian Liberal Party SDS
708 BBB Bulgarian Business Bloc BBB
709 DP Democratic Party DP


Huber, John, and Roland Inglehart. 1995. “Expert Interpretations of Party Space and Party Locations in 42 Societies.” Party Politics 1(1):73–111.